Advantages of Building with SteelSteel may not be your go-to material for a residential or office building. But, because of all the advantages of building with steel, it should be.

While many of us believe that steel is a material best reserved for garages or large agricultural buildings, it presents clear advantages. Steel can make an attractive building—and an excellent construction material.


However, because it can be a novel idea to consider it as a first choice, you may need to consider the following advantages of building with steel – ones that genuinely leverage all of the assets steel offers.

The Attributes of Steel That Make It a Solid Building Choice

Steel (designs) are typically lighter than wooden ones.

This may come across as an odd statement because steel is denser and, therefore, heavier than an equal volume of wood; however, because of its strength, you can almost always design a more economical, efficient frame with steel. This results in a more lightweight building – and that has downstream advantages. For example, you will enjoy reduced shipping costs and a more straightforward building foundation with a lighter steel frame.

Projects go faster with steel components.

Fabricating a frame or part with steel involves a quality-controlled engineering process, especially compared to the often human-error-riddled process of erecting a wooden frame. This adherence to high standards reduces mistakes or problems in a project – allowing the schedule for your project to proceed without a hiccup.

Steel is recyclable.

Structural steel is among the most frequently recycled materials on the planet; the steel we use today is almost 90% recycled product. Aside from the environmentally friendly impacts this has, you’ll also enjoy positive budgetary effects. You’ll save money when you work with steel because you’ll be able to avoid landfill fees. You’ll also be able to brand your project and resultant building as sustainable – a move that will attract and satisfy public interest.

Steel requires less long-term maintenance.

Over the decades, after your team finishes your building project, the repairs and replacements for your building will be minimal. This will end up saving the building owners substantial amounts of money.

Steel is durable.

Think about the stressors your building will face: damaging winds, snow loads, and even potential earthquakes or fires. But, even if all your building suffers is the natural aging process and routine pest activity, the fact that it’s made from steel will keep it solid and sturdy. As an added benefit, insurance companies realize this – and often offer more affordable policies due to this fact.

Steel is versatile.

You can mold steel into any shape and withstand exterior elements; it can even camouflage itself into patterns and shapes that mimic wood and shingles. Alternatively, you can form steel into flexible sheets or wires, as your project requires. The fact that it can be any number of things while being solid and durable simultaneously makes it a desirable option for any building project.

Steel is tensile.

If you examine the physical properties of steel, you’ll realize that the strength-to-weight ratio of steel is very high. This means that the steel sections of your building will be smaller and lightweight for their size than any other building material.

Steel is innovative.

Steel is so versatile, durable, and economical it’s getting a lot of attention. The technology accompanying steel and the various ways you can model and engineer it is changing and upgrading faster than any other building material. Steel must be your material of choice if you want to be on the leading edge of construction innovations.

Steel is aesthetic.

Not only can it look like anything you want it to resemble, but steel has a natural beauty and simplicity that can add grace and modern design to any project.

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