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Building projects require the newest ideas and methods in order to make the most out of your time and money. Here at Peak Steel Contractors, we have adapted the design build construction method which is the best way to deliver projects competently. With one vision, one goal, and one team, through this method, projects will be made efficiently and seamlessly.

Understanding the Design Build Construction System

The Traditional Method: Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

While the design build method is not something new, it has recently started to gain popularity. In the most common way of contracting, there are two separate contracts: one for the designer and the other is for the builder. It is also more popularly known as the Design-Bid-Build System. The designer finishes his part of the project first then it will be forwarded for bidding to a chosen builder.

As opposed to that traditional method of project delivery which consists of a separate team of architects and builder, the Design-Build System combines the team for design and construction into one single entity. Design-build contractors collaborate from the beginning of the contract and continue to work together up to its completion.

From the start, both the architects and builders work hand in hand in developing ideas. From the primary design, materials, and even up to the construction process, the design-build method grants both parties the chance to see the dream from ground up. With a single building team working towards one goal, doing tasks becomes more well-organized.


Current Trends

Currently, 40% of non-residential construction projects use this system and the number continues to increase. Many government infrastructures have transitioned towards this method and are shown to be very pleased with the results. Municipalities, water sanitation services, and national parks are only some of the industries that are trusting the design build construction system.

Why Choose a Design
Build Project Delivery

In the United States, working with design build companies are quickly becoming the norm. Business owners have learned the many benefits that come with these services. Here are several reasons why we have opted for the design build construction system and why you should too.

Working with a single team, design build takes less time to complete a project. By contracting the services of a single design build firm such as Peak Steel Contractors, there is no need to search and hire different professionals to do different tasks for your construction project.

In one single contract, you will have all the teams you need to complete the construction. Having to only collaborate with a single company, owners will no longer manage multiple employees and parties all at once.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest factors as to why companies turn to design build construction is because of how it effectively saves cost.

Having both designers and builders see the vision from the beginning, every material source and decision is already discussed during the designing phase. Because of this, the owner and design build contractors will agree on a given budget and avoid any expenses due to lack of communication.

In fact, research conducted showed that design-build projects were less costly than both the design-bid-build system and construction manager at-risk system. Research acquired during 1998 to 2018 shows that the design-build system has consistently been more reliable when it comes to cost.

Many factors come into play that makes design build construction more efficient. One of the best components of this system is that it poses a lesser risk for the company. 

 When you opt for a design build contract, you are already with a team that has collaborated with each other. Chemistry and accountability will not be a problem, and there is a higher chance that these people will be able to resolve problems quickly. As a result, this lessens the risk of delay or project cancellation.

The benefits of the design-build method provide owners the chance to supervise and ensure quality assurance throughout the process. Since there is only one team, the owner will only have to evaluate the ongoing project through one contact point.

This also provides the design build contractors a certain degree of flexibility, which research points out to be a key element in producing high-quality projects. For any problem or issue that may occur, a design build team can efficiently address it as opposed to having different workers come to terms with each other.

Site Development

How to Choose the Perfect
Design Build Contractor

Your contractor serves as the ultimate foundation of your constructing project. Choosing one must be met with great caution. To select one that will surely deliver your vision, you have to take a look at some elements.


Business owners should be cautious when hiring a contractor. Therefore, the first step in choosing a firm involves research on its background and past clients. To ensure that you are going to work with a credible and satisfactory, online reviews and ratings will give you a heads up on what kind of firm will you be working with.


As a business owner, you may want to dedicate your time into managing your trade rather than direct the design build process. As such, you have to ask the competing contractors what system or process they have in completing a construction project.


Construction projects will cost owners to spend a lot of money. When hiring a contractor, you have to make sure that it can strike a balance between the cost of their services and the value of their product.

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