The Transformative Tech of the 2020s: New Tools Changing the Construction Industry

changing the construction industry

The construction industry is constantly changing. Continual innovations are moving the field forward. Every year, there are better ways to keep teams communicating well, increase the quality of designs, help improve construction worker safety and reduce unforeseen costs associated with building projects. Now that we’re fully into the 2020s, it’s time to talk about how […]

Supply Chain Issues and Their Impact on General Building Costs: What to Expect

Supply Chain Issues

Over the past year, HVAC prices have risen continuously and quite alarmingly. In a matter of months, HVAC upgrades have become almost unaffordable. HVAC isn’t the only affected utility. The prices for a wide range of necessary building costs, including heating and cooling systems, have grown precipitously — with year-over-year increases of approximately 80%. Supply […]

A Skyrocketing Sector: Explosive Growth in Commercial Real Estate in 2022

Growth for Commercial Real Estate

The past few years have been a veritable roller coaster — for everyone, but certainly the commercial real estate (or CRE) world. After a slow 2020, 2021 was a year of growth for the industry. Now, we will see explosive growth for commercial real estate in 2022. In fact, now that we’re in a higher […]