7 Surprising Ways your Georgia Steel Building Project can be Thrown Off Scope

steel building project

“You know what would be cool?”  These six words can signal the insidious onset of scope creep, which causes considerable pain and suffering for project managers and general contractors.  Scope refers to the initial agreed-upon and documented work plan for a specific project. The scope includes the key deliverables of the finished project, the general […]

The Difference Between Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build (And Why It Matters)

design-build and design-bid-build

When it’s time to start your building project, the key members of your project team – your designer and your builder – can perform their parts of the process in a couple of different ways: Together or separately. So, what is the difference between design-build and design-bid-build? Traditionally, the designer and builder are two separate […]

What are Your Main Options for Modern Warehouse Design?

Modern Warehouse Design

While the general goal of all warehouses may be similar, not all warehouses are created the same. Simply put: Warehouses store goods. Manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, and other companies use warehouses to store materials and finished products. Every company has different systems. Every product has different specifications. As a result, different warehouse designs are best for […]