Building Mini Storage Units

When planning your property, you might wonder if there’s a benefit to building mini storage units. Will they add to your property’s value and stand the test of time? And, will they be relatively easy (and cost-efficient) to build?

Here, we’ll briefly cover the logistics of building mini steel storage units. This will help you and your contractor decide whether it’s worth starting this project on your property.

We’ve found that the average cost for a steel mini storage unit ranges from about $25 to $40 per square foot. What goes into that? What could drive the price higher? Here’s what you need to know.

The Factors that Go Into a Mini Steel Storage Unit

When you’re building a mini steel storage unit, many different considerations determine the price. For example, in addition to the initial materials and kit, you’ll also need to figure out the foundation of your unit, manage the delivery of all the items you need, and pay for the labor that goes into the installation and construction of your building.

If you need additional features in your unit, such as plumbing, insulation, electrical, security systems, or customizations beyond a simple rectangular unit, those factors will drive up the cost. Other stories, such as a loft or an entire second floor, will also make your unit more expensive—increasing the price to $70 or more per square foot.

Additional Data to Consider When Constructing a Mini Steel Unit

The fluctuating cost of materials can also cause the price of your project to vary drastically.

If you’re building a steel unit, you’ll need to keep an eye on the constantly changing price of steel. American politics and international policies can play a role in how that price changes over time—as can global concerns, such as the recent spread of COVID-19. As you’re sourcing quotes from various contractors or vendors, remember that each quote will likely be good for no longer than a few months.

In addition, consider these cost factors:

When building a mini steel unit in Georgia, you’ll also need to consider the expertise, information, and other non-tangible resources to rely upon before, during, and after you break ground on your building. For example, working with a savvy contractor to understand the local building codes in your area will be essential for your project’s success. Taking the time and effort necessary to source and compare quotes from various vendors will also help you get the best price, but you’ll need availability to perform that research.

Trust Georgia-Based Start-To-Finish Steel Contractors for Your Next Project

If you’re building a steel unit in Georgia, partnering with a knowledgeable start-to-finish steel building contractor is well worth your time. They’ll have the experience necessary to help you build your unit with the best investment-to-value ratio possible. At Peak Steel Contractors, that’s precisely what we do. Check out our past projects and contact us for more information.