pests in your building

While hospitality’s a virtue, most of us don’t want to play host to rodents and pests in our building. Seeing a spider lurking in a corner, finding rodent damage, or even glimpsing a mouse run across the floor is enough to ruin most people’s day.

If you have a steel structure, you’re already ahead of the game: Your building’s metal components are already safe from many dangers (such as termites, rot, and waterlogging). However, all kinds of pests will still seek the cool, dark hideaway that your building’s structure provides. Particularly during the summer months, you may find wasps, hornets, ants, and other uninvited guests making their home in your garage or basement.

Here’s a quick guide to help deal with pests in your building safely.

Here’s Why to Protect Your Steel Building from Dangerous Pests

First of all, let’s talk about why it’s important to keep insects and rodents out of your structure. Perhaps they don’t bother you, but it’s still key for the safety and integrity of your building to keep beetles, small rodents, and other pests out.

If you do have any timber components of your metal structure, they are at higher risk for termite or rodent damage (and subsequent structural weakening). If you find that you need to spray the inside of your space for rodents or pests, you’ll be introducing harsh chemicals into your structure’s environment. No matter what you’re keeping in your space, it’s better to avoid having to do this. Finally, keeping pests out of your building will make it a much more desirable place for you to use. Some pests (like spiders and wasps) can be dangerous. Even if your pests are relatively innocuous, no one likes unpleasant surprises like fecal or decaying messes in the corners of their basements or utility sheds.

Consider These Strategies to Keep Pests at Bay

Pay attention to your building’s foundation.

The foundation is often the point of entry for many pests. It may help to install a pest-proof barrier between your foundation and the soil. You may also want to consider investing in proper water drainage processes to avoid pooling moisture (a breeding ground for many types of pests).

If your shed has insulation, make sure that it doesn’t come into direct contact with dirt or soil.

That can be an easy way in for insects, rodents, and more.

Inspect your structure frequently.

If you see any cracks or leaks, seal them as soon as is possible.

Think carefully about how you store your belongings in your metal building—particularly any type of organic material.

If you’re storing food or aromatic substances in a metal shed or structure, make sure that they’re in tightly-sealed containers.

Keep your structures clean and organized.

The sooner you’re able to spot a roach or a mouse, the sooner you’ll be able to banish them from your building. If you’re able to do this before an uninvited population takes up a permanent residence in your structure, it’ll be that much easier to keep your building pest-free.

Apply insecticide to the outside base of your building.

Come springtime, when the weather’s getting warmer and pests are beginning to explore their environments, a preventative spray of insecticide can really help some pests know that your building’s off-limits. You can find protective sprays tailored to specific types of pests, so do some research to see what types of rodents or insects are most likely to threaten your property prior to purchasing.

Keep hedges and tall grasses immediately around your structure to a minimum.

Any organic matter that directly touches your building can help create an access point for industrious pests. Keeping the base of your building neat and clear will avoid that danger and make it much easier for you to spot any damage before it becomes a very big deal.

Ensure Your Building is Pest-Free with Proven Strategies from GA Design-Build Steel Professionals

Hosting mice, insects, and spiders in your steel structure is no one’s idea of a fun time. Fortunately, it can be easy to upgrade your building’s protection from these kinds of pests.

At Peak Steel Contractors, it’s our goal to provide you with easy ways to make your steel building less of a haven for pests and more of a useful place for you. Give our friendly team a call today and scroll through our past projects to get a sense of what we can do for you!