plumbing and wiring a new metal building

Metal buildings have their share of benefits; they’re durable, feature easy and quick assembly, and are both cost- and energy-efficient. When it’s time to add plumbing or wiring to their infrastructure, however, there are several factors that you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure that you complete your project successfully. 

Investing in wiring and plumbing for your new metal building can present myriad complications, but the result is worth it. Ultimately, you’re doing the work necessary to transform a simple structure or container into a fully functional living or working space. 

With that transformation comes a lot of responsibility. To provide safe and meaningful, properly-working utilities to anyone using your building, consider the following elements before initiating your plumbing or wiring project. 

Remember These Details for a Successful Plumbing or Wiring Project

There are at least eight considerations you should have before you start up your wiring or plumbing process. They include: 

Zoning and Code Requirements

When installing plumbing in Georgia, state law and the International Plumbing Code mandate that you follow specific regulations. These regulations help ensure you deliver clean water to your building and safely route waste away. These requirements include adequate ventilation, thorough system testing, and approval from a local regulating authority regarding your plans. A recent Georgia state amendment decreed that new buildings must also use high-efficiency plumbing. The Georgia electrical code amendments have similar requirements for all wiring projects.

Quality of Wiring and Plumbing Components

When selecting devices to install with plumbing, especially wiring, you must use thoroughly vetted equipment. Researching and choosing electrical components recommended or certified by a trustworthy authority (such as the UL Certification Database) will be well worth your time. 

Adequate Insulation

Depending on the temperature range in your specific location, your wiring could be in danger of overheating; likewise, your plumbing could freeze with cold enough temperatures. Consider the likely effects of your local environment, and compensate with lots of strategically placed insulation. 

Already-Existing Electrical, Sewage, Cables, and More

Before you start any new additions to your build – even for a new metal build – you must be sure that your plans don’t conflict with any already-existing pipes or cables. 


Most structural damage to foundational or basement areas has a simple (preventative) fix: Invest inadequate drainage before installing new plumbing. Doing this up-front will protect the value of your building for the foreseeable future. 

Possibility for Future Expansions or Upgrades

Even if you’re not planning on changing your building’s format or function anytime soon, you need to account for the fact that you may change your mind – or a future building owner might have very different ideas. If you set up your wiring and plumbing strategically, you’ll make it much easier for future upgrades to your building. In the long run, this will save you (or a future owner) money and headaches. 

Accessibility for Future Fixes

Likewise, you need to account for the fact that even if you install your wiring and plumbing impeccably, parts will need replacing; components will leak, break, or require rewiring. You’ll make it much easier (and less expensive) for your future self or any future building owners to have an easy way to access your plumbing and wiring for upcoming maintenance. 

The Financial Balance Between Saving and Security

Your plumbing and wiring are integral investments for your building’s essential infrastructure. Therefore these must be done right – so probably not the place to save cash.

These eight factors can make or break your Georgia plumbing or wiring project. Taking a few minutes to consider them and their ramifications can give you a much stronger chance of success. 

If you need help managing the installation of proper plumbing or safe electricity in your new metal building, Peak Steel Contractors is ready to assist. From start to finish, we specialize in metal building design and construction done well. 

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