A Brief Guide to Keeping Workers Safe on a Georgia Steel Building Job Site

Keeping Workers Safe

When managing a successful building project, you have the essential goal of constructing your steel building on time and in scope. However, as a general contractor, you have another, even more important mission: keeping workers safe on your construction site. This may seem straightforward, but it’s also a needed response to a current construction safety […]

What Environmental Prep Work is Necessary Before a Steel Building Project?

Environmental Prep Work

When you’re getting ready to break ground on a new building, it’s tempting to get to the fun part. You want to see your building grow, after all. You’re in this business to create beautiful, functional structures. You want to see your blueprints come to life. However, no great building project begins with the actual […]

Fireproofing Your Georgia Commercial and Agricultural Properties

Fireproofing Your Georgia Commercial and Agricultural Properties

Opinions in some cases about what makes for an excellent steel building may differ. Still, one thing that everyone agrees upon is that a good property should be as fireproof as possible. Fireproofing your Georgia commercial and agricultural properties does not have to be complicated; you just need to be strategic. According to the US […]