Environmental Prep Work

When you’re getting ready to break ground on a new building, it’s tempting to get to the fun part. You want to see your building grow, after all. You’re in this business to create beautiful, functional structures. You want to see your blueprints come to life.

However, no great building project begins with the actual building. You will need to start the environmental prep work to see good progress.

Ultimately, success favors the prepared. Much of what makes a successful project consists of comprehensive, considered, and thoroughly-completed prep work. While preparatory activities may not be the most exciting tasks on your to-do list, they’re the ones that will set your building up to look good and age well for years to come.

The Quick Checklist You Need for Environmental Prep Work for Success

We recommend completing the environmental prep work steps before starting foundation work for your steel building project. While these steps can seem redundant or unnecessary, you’ll find that completing them will result in a more productive working environment and a finished project that’s up to code.

Site Clearing

Before you begin your project, you must remove all above- and underground obstructions. This includes removing trees, tree roots, buildings, foundations, aging infrastructure, or anything else that might stand in your building’s way.


It would help if you were entirely sure that you’re building in the right place – including depth, elevation, and any underground features. This is a requirement for most permitting and zoning procedures. A professional surveyor will help you designate the precise location of your building and any supporting structures.

Soil Evaluation and Testing

An environmental engineer can assist with ascertaining the soil composition on your site. First, you must know if your site’s soil can withstand and support your structure. You also need to know how much water the local soil will absorb. Additionally, a good soil test can help you determine if any foreign or active substances in your soil could affect the integrity of your steel structure.

Rock and Groundwater Investigation

A geotechnical investigation will reveal the natural features underlying your proposed building site. You’ll need to collect samples of all relevant structures and natural features, learn as much as possible about their composition, and note their exact location on your site plans for future reference.

Revisiting and Updating Your Site Plans

After your team has thoroughly vetted the site for your future steel building, you must ensure that your designs match what is currently there. For example, if your steel building requires underground water tanks or septic systems, you must ensure that nothing you have planned conflicts with any rock formations or existing structures on your site. If necessary, the time to revise any site plans is before initiating construction of a steel building – not after. Adding in any access roads or temporary storage areas during construction will also help for later logistics.

Make Sure that Your Paperwork and Permits are In Order.

After you’ve learned everything possible regarding your site, ensure that the local Georgia building authorities know what they need to know. You need to meet all GA state and local building codes to show that your building is safe – and to avoid frustrating legal battles down the road.

Grade Your Land Properly

You’ll find that working from a uniform, level surface is likely better for your steel building plans. After investigating your site, you’ll need to ensure that the ground is level or has the slope or base that your project requires.

Lay a Firm Foundation

Use the proper type of foundation for your steel project, and ensure that you install it properly. Whether you’re pouring a concrete slab, digging deep post holes, or ground mounting in another way, you must ensure that your foundation forms accurately and cures appropriately before you do anything above the surface.

Rely on Georgia-based Steel Building Contractors for Hard Work and Good Results

At Peak Steel Contractors, it’s our goal to go from initial structural design to a completed project with impeccable, meticulous attention to detail. If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, check out our past projects and contact us for more information.