Georgia and Natural Disasters—How You Can Protect Your Building

building protection in natural disasters

In August 2020, the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant department put together a Resident’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters in Georgia. The recommendations cover tornado safety, wildfire prevention, evacuation strategies, winter weather preparedness, and more. We can do a lot to protect ourselves and our loved ones in a […]

What Environmental Prep Work is Necessary Before a Steel Building Project?

Environmental Prep Work

When you’re getting ready to break ground on a new building, it’s tempting to get to the fun part. You want to see your building grow, after all. You’re in this business to create beautiful, functional structures. You want to see your blueprints come to life. However, no great building project begins with the actual […]

Fireproofing Your Georgia Commercial and Agricultural Properties

Fireproofing Your Georgia Commercial and Agricultural Properties

Opinions in some cases about what makes for an excellent steel building may differ. Still, one thing that everyone agrees upon is that a good property should be as fireproof as possible. Fireproofing your Georgia commercial and agricultural properties does not have to be complicated; you just need to be strategic. According to the US […]

Increase Your Commercial Property Value with Steel Buildings

Increase Your Commercial Property Value

Let’s start with an easy first principle of commercial property value: More assets, more value. However, the specific nature of the asset you add can influence the amount of value you’re adding to your property. Here’s a pro tip: Want to increase your commercial property value? Add a steel building or a smaller steel structure. […]

Here’s Why Steel is So Useful for Industrial Construction

Steel is So Useful

Steel is so useful and ubiquitous in the construction industry. Many even call it the most widely-used metal for construction. That’s not steel’s only achievement; it’s also the most recycled material on the planet. It’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable, and versatile. When you’re getting ready to launch an industrial construction project — one focused on building […]

Georgia’s Building Codes 101: The Key Things to Know

Georgia’s Building Codes

If you’re starting a building project in Georgia (or anywhere else in America), you know one thing for sure: You’ve got to make sure that your building is up to code, or you could be in big trouble before you know it. Whether you plan an installation that’s slightly in the wrong place or don’t […]

The Transformative Tech of the 2020s: New Tools Changing the Construction Industry

changing the construction industry

The construction industry is constantly changing. Continual innovations are moving the field forward. Every year, there are better ways to keep teams communicating well, increase the quality of designs, help improve construction worker safety and reduce unforeseen costs associated with building projects. Now that we’re fully into the 2020s, it’s time to talk about how […]

Looking Up: What We Can Learn from Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Steel is sleek, strong, and sensible; it’s practical and present in a wide variety of buildings. Steel can be simple. It can be utilitarian. Also, it often provides support for massive structures like awe-inspiring steel buildings. Even with its ubiquity and versatility, many forget that steel is often beautiful. In addition to being functional, it […]