building protection in natural disasters

In August 2020, the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant department put together a Resident’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters in Georgia. The recommendations cover tornado safety, wildfire prevention, evacuation strategies, winter weather preparedness, and more.

We can do a lot to protect ourselves and our loved ones in a catastrophic event. One constant piece of advice among all the disaster preparedness strategies involves seeking reliable shelter. A strong, dependable building will act as a protective shield for many people and mean the difference between safety and disaster.

What constitutes a reliable shelter? How can we be sure that our buildings are safe? A good Georgia contractor will ensure that your structure is ready to weather the most common storms in your area.

The Types of Natural Disasters that Georgia Commonly Faces

First, what are the prevalent natural disasters in the Peach State? According to Georgia Emergency Management, the events to keep in mind include the following:

In the face of such powerful natural forces as these, what can a steel building do to ensure that you, your clients, their loved ones, and everyone involved remain safe?

Bolster Your GA Building: Strategies for Protection Against Natural Disasters

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, issues regular recommendations to builders and contractors to help them know the most updated ways to build new structures safely.

One recommendation is to ensure that every structure a contracting team delivers is up to code. For example, Georgia has building and construction codes specifically mapped out to ensure that each structure built in the state is as safe as possible. FEMA points out that following these building codes can reduce casualties during a disaster, reduce costs associated with damages, and help communities recover faster after an adverse event.

Other strategies include:

As strategies go, using steel is a solid one. Steel is resistant to extreme heat, stays firm in the face of inclement weather, and even looks modern and beautiful while providing reliable protection. In addition, steel won’t corrode, so it’ll stand the test of time—and it’s flexible enough to be used in various building applications.

Ultimately, it’s a great bet to use steel and work with steel building contractors who have experience optimizing buildings to meet all of Georgia’s safety standards.

Make Sure Your Building Can Shelter You From the Most Serious GA Storms

Steel buildings are very safe; however, you must ensure they’re carefully engineered to shelter you impeccably from the ground up. The best way to do so is to work with trusted start-to-finish steel building contractors.

At Peak Steel Contractors, that’s just what we do. We’ll ensure that you meet your safety goals with your building! Check out our past projects and contact us for more information about your building protection in natural disasters.