The Costs of Planning and Building a Small Church

building a small church

Building a small church can seem like a monumental endeavor. In terms of the benefit you bring to local communities and congregations, it really is. Fortunately, the logistics of building the structure itself may be easier than you think. Selecting an affordable, easy-to-work-with building material for your church’s building can change things. With this strategy, […]

Construction Champions: The Most Popular Materials Used in Commercial Buildings

The art of building strong commercial buildings has come a long way. In ages past, the materials used in commercial buildings were wood, stacked stone, or even straw bales. These materials were readily available and durable enough for practical structures. Of course, now we know a little better. Today, when savvy commercial building designers pull together […]

Here’s Why Steel is So Useful for Industrial Construction

Steel is So Useful

Steel is so useful and ubiquitous in the construction industry. Many even call it the most widely-used metal for construction. That’s not steel’s only achievement; it’s also the most recycled material on the planet. It’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable, and versatile. When you’re getting ready to launch an industrial construction project — one focused on building […]

Think Outside the Box with These Creative Self-Storage Solutions

Creative Self-Storage Solutions

Whether you’re investing in commercial self-storage or are simply thinking about building a steel self-storage unit or shed on your property, you want to ensure that you’ll get a lot of use out of the structure. Self-storage is a growing industry, and it doesn’t appear that American families will stop requiring extra storage anytime soon. […]

What to Expect as a GA-Based Self-Storage Unit Investor

GA-Based Self-Storage Unit

Investing in a GA-based self-storage unit can come with many perks. For one, it’s a (seemingly always) growing market. For another, you don’t have to worry about dealing with live-in tenants. However, you have to play your cards right to invest strategically in storage units. Otherwise, you could deal with constant complications instead of enjoying […]

What Training Does a General Contractor Need to Get Certified in Georgia?

What Training Does a General Contractor Need

General contracting is a competitive field in Georgia. As a result, certified contractors are increasingly in demand. Whether you’re interested in becoming a general contractor yourself or simply curious about the qualifications your professional contact brings to the table, it’s good to know what it takes to become a successful, qualified, thoroughly-trained general contractor. There […]

How (Not) to Design an HVAC System for a Steel Building

HVAC System for a Steel Building

When building a safe, secure, and smoothly-running steel structure, it’s crucial to get every component of your project precise. Steel is versatile, strong, and aesthetic—but the very properties that make it such a good building material also require consideration when you’re designing a functional (and comfortable) building. For example, when you’re ready to select and […]

Looking Up: What We Can Learn from Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Steel is sleek, strong, and sensible; it’s practical and present in a wide variety of buildings. Steel can be simple. It can be utilitarian. Also, it often provides support for massive structures like awe-inspiring steel buildings. Even with its ubiquity and versatility, many forget that steel is often beautiful. In addition to being functional, it […]

Advantages of Building with Steel (Instead of Other Construction Materials)

Advantages of Building with Steel

Steel may not be your go-to material for a residential or office building. But, because of all the advantages of building with steel, it should be. While many of us believe that steel is a material best reserved for garages or large agricultural buildings, there are clear advantages it presents. Steel can make an attractive […]