The True Cost of Building Mini Storage Units (Is It Worth It?)

Building Mini Storage Units

When you’re planning out your property, you might wonder if there’s a benefit to building mini storage units. Will they add to your property’s value and stand the test of time? And, will they be relatively easy (and cost-efficient) to build? Here, we’ll briefly cover the logistics of building mini steel storage units.  This will […]

What Training Does a General Contractor Need to Get Certified in Georgia?

What Training Does a General Contractor Need

General contracting is a competitive field in Georgia. Certified contractors are increasingly in demand. Whether you’re interested in becoming a general contractor yourself or simply curious about the qualifications your professional contact brings to the table, it’s good to know what it takes to become a successful, qualified, thoroughly-trained general contractor. There is a long […]

How (Not) to Design an HVAC System for a Steel Building

HVAC System for a Steel Building

When it comes to building a safe, secure, and smoothly-running steel structure, it’s important to get every component of your project precise. Steel is versatile, strong, and aesthetic—but the very properties that make it such a good building material also require consideration when you’re designing a useful (and comfortable) building. For example, when you’re ready […]

Looking Up: What We Can Learn from Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Awe-Inspiring Steel Buildings

Steel is sleek, strong, and sensible; it’s practical, and it’s present in a wide variety of buildings. Steel can be simple. It can be utilitarian. Also, it often provides support for massive structures like awe-inspiring steel buildings. Even with its ubiquity and versatility, many can forget that steel is often beautiful. In addition to being […]

Georgia Construction in the Time of COVID-19: How to Complete Projects Safely (And On Budget)

Construction in the Time of COVID-19

Many communities deemed construction an essential industry in the wake of COVID-19. However, it’s impossible to ignore the effects that the health crisis has had on routine management processes, construction budgets, and other critical facets of completing projects well. Between disruptions in the supply chain, a reduction of the available workforce, and dramatically lowered investor […]

Advantages of Building with Steel (Instead of Other Construction Materials)

Advantages of Building with Steel

Steel may not be your go-to material for a residential or office building. But, because of all the advantages of building with steel, it should be. While many of us have an idea that steel is a material best reserved for garages or large agriculture buildings, there are clear advantages it presents. Steel can make […]

Changing Scope or Timeframe in the Middle of a Construction Project

Changing Scope or timeframe

Unforeseen project complexity, a variation in the construction project’s design, inaccurate estimates: as much as the most experienced of project managers plans out a construction project, there are always events that happen which necessitate changing the scope or timeframe. Whether your project is a victim of scope creep or you’ve just been thrown off scope, […]

7 Surprising Ways your Georgia Steel Building Project can be Thrown Off Scope

steel building project

“You know what would be cool?”  These six words can signal the insidious onset of scope creep, a condition that causes project managers and general contractors alike considerable pain and suffering.  Scope refers to the initial agreed-upon and documented work plan for a specific project. Included in the scope are the key deliverables of the […]

The Difference Between Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build (And Why It Matters)

design-build and design-bid-build

When it’s time to start your building project, the key members of your project team – your designer and your builder – can perform their parts of the process in a couple of different ways: Together, or separately. So, what is the difference between design-build and design-bid-build? Traditionally, the designer and builder are two separate entities.  […]