Our Go-To Secrets for Keeping Construction Projects Simple and Manageable

Keeping Construction Projects Simple

When you’re starting a construction project, your mission—should you accept it—is simple. Ensure that nothing happens to make this project creep (or explode) out of its planned scope. Keeping your project under your control can take a lot of effort. Striving for simplicity and manageability in every step of your project will be key. Here’s […]

How Can Contractors and Builders Test to See Whether Your Structure Is Safe?

test building for safety

Before initiating any Georgia building project, contractors and builders must apply for permits and ensure that their plans meet all Georgia codes and standards for new buildings. It’s a lot of paperwork—but it’s worth it. Why? Georgia is home to a wide array of natural disasters. The intense conditions that occur during these events will […]

Georgia and Natural Disasters—How You Can Protect Your Building

building protection in natural disasters

In August 2020, the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant department put together a Resident’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters in Georgia. The recommendations cover tornado safety, wildfire prevention, evacuation strategies, winter weather preparedness, and more. We can do a lot to protect ourselves and our loved ones in a […]

The True Cost of Building Mini Storage Units (Is It Worth It?)

Building Mini Storage Units

When planning your property, you might wonder if there’s a benefit to building mini storage units. Will they add to your property’s value and stand the test of time? And, will they be relatively easy (and cost-efficient) to build? Here, we’ll briefly cover the logistics of building mini steel storage units. This will help you […]

Increase Your Commercial Property Value with Steel Buildings

Increase Your Commercial Property Value

Let’s start with an easy first principle of commercial property value: More assets, more value. However, the specific nature of the asset you add can influence the amount of value you’re adding to your property. Here’s a pro tip: Want to increase your commercial property value? Add a steel building or a smaller steel structure. […]

Buffer Your Commercial Building 
Against Inflation

Buffer Your Commercial Building 
Against Inflation

While inflation may or may not have already peaked, many analysts expect prices to stay high for several more months or even years. How can you minimize the cost of erecting and operating a commercial building in this economy? Here are some ideas on how to buffer your commercial building against inflation. Make It Metal […]

Saving Your Project’s Scope: Avoid These Common Causes of Delay

Common Causes of Delay

At the beginning of any commercial building project, it’s critical to determine the project scope. The project scope includes your schedule, budget, and available resources. The more closely you follow your intended project scope, the better. You’ll likely stick to your budget, hit your target deadlines, and avoid common causes of delay. This isn’t always […]

The Costs of Planning and Building a Small Church

building a small church

Building a small church can seem like a monumental endeavor. In terms of the benefit you bring to local communities and congregations, it really is. Fortunately, the logistics of building the structure itself may be easier than you think. Selecting an affordable, easy-to-work-with building material for your church’s building can change things. With this strategy, […]

Construction Champions: The Most Popular Materials Used in Commercial Buildings

The art of building strong commercial buildings has come a long way. In ages past, the materials used in commercial buildings were wood, stacked stone, or even straw bales. These materials were readily available and durable enough for practical structures. Of course, now we know a little better. Today, when savvy commercial building designers pull together […]

Here’s Why Steel is So Useful for Industrial Construction

Steel is So Useful

Steel is so useful and ubiquitous in the construction industry. Many even call it the most widely-used metal for construction. That’s not steel’s only achievement; it’s also the most recycled material on the planet. It’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable, and versatile. When you’re getting ready to launch an industrial construction project — one focused on building […]