Construction Champions: The Most Popular Materials Used in Commercial Buildings

The art of building strong commercial buildings has come a long way. In ages past, the materials used in commercial buildings were wood, stacked stone, or even straw bales. These materials were readily available and durable enough for practical structures. Of course, now we know a little better. Today, when savvy commercial building designers pull together […]

Think Outside the Box with These Creative Self-Storage Solutions

Creative Self-Storage Solutions

Whether you’re investing in commercial self-storage or are simply thinking about building a steel self-storage unit or shed on your property, you want to ensure that you’ll get a lot of use out of the structure. Self-storage is a growing industry, and it doesn’t appear that American families will stop requiring extra storage anytime soon. […]

What Training Does a General Contractor Need to Get Certified in Georgia?

What Training Does a General Contractor Need

General contracting is a competitive field in Georgia. As a result, certified contractors are increasingly in demand. Whether you’re interested in becoming a general contractor yourself or simply curious about the qualifications your professional contact brings to the table, it’s good to know what it takes to become a successful, qualified, thoroughly-trained general contractor. There […]

How (Not) to Design an HVAC System for a Steel Building

HVAC System for a Steel Building

When building a safe, secure, and smoothly-running steel structure, it’s crucial to get every component of your project precise. Steel is versatile, strong, and aesthetic—but the very properties that make it such a good building material also require consideration when you’re designing a functional (and comfortable) building. For example, when you’re ready to select and […]

Georgia Construction in the Time of COVID-19: How to Complete Projects Safely (And On Budget)

Construction in the Time of COVID-19

Many communities deemed construction an essential industry in the wake of COVID-19. However, it’s impossible to ignore the effects that the health crisis has had on routine management processes, construction budgets, and other critical facets of completing projects well. Between disruptions in the supply chain, a reduction of the available workforce, and dramatically lowered investor […]