Georgia Construction Accident Prevention: How To Keep Your Team Safe

Construction Accident Prevention

When you and your team are working on a high-stakes construction project, one of your main priorities might be staying on scope — despite historic supply chain issues and always-unpredictable construction chaos. It’s likely that your #1 priority, regardless of scope, is keeping your team safe. Want a quick reminder of the top construction accidents, […]

Managing Pests in Your Metal Buildings (Effective and Safe How-To)

Pests in your Metal Buildings

While wooden buildings are much more susceptible to pest damage than metal buildings, you may still find droppings in odd corners of your metal shed. If you’ve heard odd noises or found nests in your steel garage or building, you may be wondering which pests like to live in steel structures — and how you […]

These Pests May Call Your Metal Building Home (Here’s How to Deal With Them)

pests in your building

While hospitality’s a virtue, most of us don’t want to play host to rodents and pests in our building. Seeing a spider lurking in a corner, finding rodent damage, or even glimpsing a mouse run across the floor is enough to ruin most people’s day. If you have a steel structure, you’re already ahead of […]

Tips and Tricks for Tornado-Proofing Your Steel Shed

Tornado-Proofing Your Steel Shed

When a twister’s threatening to wreak havoc on your neighborhood, you want to be prepared. You may already have go-to safety preparedness techniques for your family (e.g., designated storm shelter areas). Do you have similar plans in place for your structures? If a tornado’s hitting, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the safety […]